Beef Cutting Order Form

Waikato's Go To Butchers & Home Kill

Quality Beef Home Kill. We can cut and pack your home kill to your requirements, and to make it easier, we can come to you if you prefer. No fuss, no hassle! Simply download our pricing form and place an order online.

Beef Price List

Offal Removal $40 + GST
Bone Removal  $20 +GST
Killing$130.00 + GST
Processing (Per kg)$1.85 + GST
½ Beast Split  (per 1/2 )$15.00 x 2$30.00 + GST
Vacuum Packing            $35.00 + GST
1/3 Beast Split(per 1/3)$15.00 x 3$45.00 + GST
¼ Beast Split  (per ¼ )  $15.00 x 4$60.00 + GST
Patties/Polonies per Kg$6.00 + GST
Marinated $5.00 per Kg$5.00 + GST
Salami (per Stick)  $10.00 + GST
Seasoned Roasts           $10.00 + GST
Beef Under 180Kg (killed and processed)  $420.00 + GST
Extra sausage per Kg$5.00 +Gst
Gluten free sausage whole beef$20.00 +GST


Simply select your beast size below and fill out the form. If you have any questions please contact us. Please note that payment can be made at pick up by cash or eftpos, we do not except credit card or cheque.